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Midnight in Malibu INTENSE BRONZER

Supertan Midnight in Malibu, with its luxurious formula based on coconut water, offers a beautiful tan and effective skin care. Its unique bronzing ingredients enhance your tan, while coconut water moisturizes and nourishes deeply.

It isn't just a bronzer. It's a blend of plant extracts and oils that leave skin smooth. Enhanced with carrot seed oil rich in beta-carotene, it boosts melanin production for a bronze glow.

Fragrance: Gardenia & Blueberry
Volume: 150/15ml

Celebration ACTIVATOR

Perfectly composed active moisturizing ingredients guarantee its attractive appearance and youthful glow. Smooth skin and the scent of champagne will seduce your senses long after tanning.

Supertan Celebration is a unique composition of active substances: aloe, macadamia oil, hemp oil - moisturize and nourish the skin, N - Acetyl DGA - long-lasting moisturizing, apricot kernel oil - anti-aging, tyrosine - accelerates tanning. 

Fragrance: Champagne
Volume: 150/15ml

Collagen in love ACCELERATOR 

Active accelerating  formula and the power of rejuvenating collagen for a beautiful tan and velvety skin. The light texture and romantic scent of cotton will captivate you forever.

Collagen in love product is rich in active substances that will pamper your side: collagen, green tea extract - for anti-aging products, Aloe, safflower oil, hemp oil - intensely moisturize the skin, tyrosine, copper - accelerate tanning.

Fragrance: Cotton flower
Volume: 150/15ml


The rich anti-aging formula and light texture make Forever an excellent cosmetic for everyday care.

The formula of the cosmetic is rich in active substances such as: green tea extract, vitamin E, collagen and jojoba oil - have antioxidant and anti-aging properties, Aloe and cucumber extract - strongly moisturize the skin, tyrosine

and copper - accelerate tanning.

Fragrance: Mango Lychee
Volume: 150/15ml

Beauty Creation BRONZER DHA FREE

Naturally composed bronzing ingredients in combination with aloe vera will ensure deep hydration and an attractive appearance. This unique product contains only natural bronzers.

Bronzer Beauty Creation with Paradise fragrance has a light formula rich in active ingredients: tyrosine, copper, walnut, melanin, which naturally accelerate tanning, N - Acetyl DGA - moisturize for a long time, Aloe, safflower oil - strongly moisturize.

Fragrance: Paradise
Volume: 150/15ml


This spectacular multi-effect bronzer will give you a quick, golden brown tan and a perfect-looking skin. Active care ingredients and antioxidants will prolong the intensity and durability of the tan, and you will be delighted!


The Black Star Bronzer  will provide you with an instant, enhanced and deepened tan. This is possible thanks to the natural ingredients contained in the product: DHA, erythrulose, walnut, beta carotene and henna. 

Fragrance: Tropical fruits
Volume: 150/15ml

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